Facebook Deals Revisited

After signing onto my Facebook account to manage a Fan Page of mine, I noticed something in the news feed I had not seen before- a sponsored deal from Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE: S). For the first time I, as the Facebook user was force fed a corporate deal for breakfast in the sacred stream of unnecessary updates aka “News Feed”.  

However, my marketing gene immediately admired the prime real estate Sprint had acquired and I wanted to know more of how the redemption process worked after seeing well over 600 “likes” (I also own some NYSE: $S).

After clicking to redeem the deal, I was prompted with the below screen shot saying I was going to have an email notification sent to my personal email for use by May 17, 2012. From the notification window I am able to also share the offer from Sprint to my timeline separated by groupings, locations, and of course my Fan Page walls wich I manage as well. 

On the other side of the email inbox, I was able to pull up the deal on my iPhone4 in my inbox which arrived seconds after clicking “Get Deal” which I was then able to share the deal again from my inbox and use the Sprint.com store locator feature. 

To redeem the deal end users are urged to either show the deal from their smartphone inbox or print out the email (hardcopy) and bring it in. 

I have used Facebook deals before with other marketing channels, the Deals feature was released some time early last year and is a useful tool for many marketers.

The deal offered by Sprint was used as a venting channel for some disgruntled customers which has to be monitored closely by the social media team.

The deals feature continues to provide corporate fan pages usability and delivers a streamline process to direct email coupons.